Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cabin Weekend

 We set out for Barber Cabin!  We drove through pouring rain that only stopped minutes before we got out of the car.  So serendipitous! 

 We got to the cabin and the boys immediately wanted to fish and didn't stop until we left.  The shot on the right is the first morning.  It was such a beautiful fog covering the lake. 

 We took a few trips out in the canoe.  It was wonderful with the kids, but rather nice by myself as well!
 Kory did the most paddling and exploring of the lake.
 Yet another fishing shot.  The boys both learned how to bait their own hooks - yipee!  Next lesson is learning to remove a fish from a hook.
 This was the average size of the fish we caught.  They could just drop their baited hook over the edge of the dock and have a fish on in minutes (well at least Kin could...)
 Unfortunately, we did have to leave!  Kincaid hiked the entire way in and out.  Duke needed a little carry both ways.  He said that he was 'weary' and Kincaid only mentioned his 'feet were malfunctioning'.


Anonymous said...

What a treat! Looks like an amazing place to spend some time! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It was a glorious three days.

Your mom

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