Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Review

 NOAA got the weather wrong and it was a rather nice weekend.  We had to roll up the pants at the lake so the kids could wade and try to catch some minnows (none).

 They waded out to the little island.  Kincaid kept saying, "I feel the brrrrr" for the cold water.  Made me laugh.
 We tried to go on a bike ride.  As you might guess from the sign, it didn't end well.  Kincaid went home to his room and Duke and I went around the lake.  I came home to this sign. 
 We had lunch at New Saigaya.  Duke insisted on this roe covered sushi. He only liked the outside - the rice and the roe.  He had those little orange balls all over!
 I might need a new stroller.  Their legs are getting a big long!
Duke in his favorite shirt.  He made many friends at the new Bass Pro Shop while wearing it.  Half liked it due to the salmon and half due to the Star Wars reference.  Amusing nonetheless!

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It is all good!

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