Monday, July 7, 2014


 Some friends and I went to Seward for the Fourth of July to watch the running of Mount Marathon. This is where we camped.  It was actually a huge gravel pit, but we camped with this view.  Not bad, eh?

 This poor reindeer was sweltering as it was about 75 degrees.  Poor thing.
 The racers start in town and have to run about a 1/2 mile up to the actual mountain.  Then, they go straight up and straight down.  Amazing athletes!

 More from our campsite on the ocean. 
 Lots of beach combing!
 This eagle was carrying off some seaweed for its nest we though.
Tons of little shells!  (the boys come home on Monday evening late!!!)

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Anonymous said...

What a great trip to Seward! Love the pictures. Looks so beautiful. Hugs - tga

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