Friday, August 1, 2014

Fishing Thursday

 Heading down the river I think that Duke got a little chilly.  He pulled his hood over his face!
 He did poke it out to see all the grebes we were chasing down the river.
 Some manly fishing time.
 The boys spent a lot of time reeling in the big dog salmon (Chums) that we hooked.
 They had to take a break for a creature rescue of a dragon fly I found floating in the water.
 They both posed with the silver that Bop caught.  Kincaid said it was too heavy.
 Duke and a big chum.
Kincaid reeling in his last one.  He complained so much about his hands hurting.  As he fell asleep on the boat ride back within about 5 minutes, I realized he was exhausted!  Duke fell asleep shortly thereafter.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a day well spent! I remember Don (age 4) hooking a old rotten red and reeling and reeling it in - only to have it jump loose and swim away. He was so mad! He said we really could of had a fiest Yuck! Thanks for the great pictures! tga

Anonymous said...

What lucky boys to have such wonderful fishing memories.

Your mom

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