Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portland Visit

 We had a wonderful time in Portland.  I haven't uploaded the pics from my camera yet, but here is a snippet from my camera.  We started out our Portland trip at the zoo.

 It was so fun to have Bex and Lu with us.  Duke loved watching the croc.
 We got to see them feeding horse meet to these lion cubs. 
 Lots of fun!  The kids did get tired and we didn't get to all of the animals.
 We saved some energy for the hotel pool!
 Then headed off to a tramopline place.  The kids had so much fun (and so did I!).
 The next day was an obstacle course like place called Safari Sams.  All the kids (and adults) had fun climbing ropes, going through tubes and using climbing nets.
 Then, back to the pool to cool off.  It was hot in Portland!
 We then met some AK friends for time at the science museum (OMSI).  So much fun at the Dino exhibit.
 They are uncovering a dino skeleton here.
 Playing with boats and water here.

A last cousin bath.

Then, we had to come home.  The 100' temp and traffic did make it a bit easier.


Anonymous said...

It was a memorable trip--especially with three daughters and three grandboys together.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Looks like a great time was had by all!! Special time for sure! Great pictures! xox tga

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures all over again this morning!! tga

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