Friday, August 15, 2014


Boy am I tired!  We went fishing and it just wore me out for some reason.  The water was super low and without Bop's amazing driving skills we wouldn't have made it far from the truck!  We did run ashore one time, but that was only due to a tree being almost all the way across the river.  The boys had fun and now are getting more independent.  They can both cast themselves and bait their hooks if needed.  Just a lot of snags and catching each other's lines.  They were getting a bit crabby and then minutes after setting off in the boat they fell asleep.  I just hold onto each of their PFDs in case they slump over. 

Here is a picture from pepper last night.  The boys were playing under our bed.  They clear things out and use flashlights to explore and hunt snakes.  Pepper got in on the action and the boys were so frustrated!  It was hilarious.


Anonymous said...

It's great to have three snake-hunters in the house.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Snakes in the house - NOT good! Sounds like a day well spent! xox

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