Thursday, September 11, 2014


I volutneered at the Science Center this morning and caught a glimpse of this wonderful little display.  I thought the boys would love it, but apparently the Fish and Wildlife guy made it himself.  Drat.
 We came and home and found this HUGE spider.  Kincaid didn't like it and almost refused to go in front the door.  Any clue on if that big bulge on his/her backside is eggs or just a large posterior?
And, here is a picture of some hill sliding after last night's Tuesday Race. I think this might be one of the only reasons they do the races.  I think Duke is behind that standing boy.  They went up with Duke holding onto Kin's coattails.  As much as they fight, they do cling to each other in a crowd. 


Anonymous said...

You really do take amazing pictures.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Double ugly spider - cute kids! tga

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