Friday, September 5, 2014


 Duke and I went on the hike with our group today and we ventured off at the end to find a geocache.  It was hilarious as I was searching around, Duke said, "There is a box."  It was right at his eye level.  We opened it up and a little troll greeted us! 

Here are the boys before school today - so happy and peaceful.  

 Then, we all went over for Back to School Night.  We met his teacher and saw his classroom. 

This was one of his projects on the wall.  She said he is a great kiddo and then we had to go and see his Kindergarten teacher.  Duke is excited to start school with her.  I have to request her early!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll admit it; I love the troll!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

What lucky young boys! Like their Mom I am sure they will do well in school! How time flies!! xoxo tga

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