Thursday, September 25, 2014


 It was another wonderfully sunny fall day.  Duke and I rode out bikes all the way to the Tudor Bridge!  He was an amazing trooper and wanted to go a further distance.  I had to remind him that we had to bike the rest of the way back!
 We stopped by the creek on the way home and saw a very OLD salmon swimming up stream!

We also had to say good bye to Kory until November.  We love her being here so much - if only she could stay forever.  Even the regal Goldador will miss her!


Anonymous said...

Everyone is proud of Duke. He's amazing! And, even though Kory comes often, it's really sad when she leaves.

I agree with everything, except maybe the adjective describing Pepper.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always - love turning on my computer and finding you all there. tga

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