Monday, October 13, 2014


 It was a relaxing weekend.  Lots of snot and kleenex around here and little sleep due to the aforementioned illnesses.  Urg.  Nam wasn't as excited to watch the shows on Friday as the boys were!
 We went to a book fair at Barnes and Noble.  Kincaid was so excited as his teacher did his face painting.
 Then, as if the day couldn't get any better - he lost his tooth!  Yep, the tooth fairy even brought him a dollar.  It was rolled up and he deduced it was so the little fairy could carry it easier.  Smart Boy.
I also finished some mittens, but they still don't fit.  I will try one more time.  Third time is a charm!


Anonymous said...

The picture of Kincaid with face painting and without tooth is great.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great - miss you all!
tga xoxo

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