Thursday, November 20, 2014

Duke's Birthday

 Duke requested to hide a geocache for his birthday.  He picked out the container and hid it himself.  It is over his left shoulder - it might never be found.
It is a log container in the middle of that picture.  Craziness.

 We celebrated with friends on a bridge after hiding the cache and before finding one ourselves.  It was fine weather and then it opened up and started pouring rain.  We were all drenched, but got back to our cars easily enough. 

 I asked him to pose for his 5th birthday picture.  Loved his pose.
We zipped home to warm up and play with some friends.  I zipped off to get some Moose's Tooth pizza and then some cake.  He wanted - cake/ice cream/cake with no frosting.  So, he got it and then proceeded to eat only the ice cream out of the middle.  Silly boy, I do love you.

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