Monday, November 17, 2014


 We took a hike with our Friday group.  The kids all had a great time!

 We did some geocaching on Saturday and Sunday.  You can see something high up in that tree - I am going back with a rope to get it safely.  The boy were posing - doing their ninja moves.
 A silly attempt at a family photo.  I was surrounded by ninjas.
 Then, we went out again on Sunday.  The boys were amazing hikers and we found 4 caches including this fabulous little guy in a tree hole. He had little eyes and pipe cleaner hair.  Fantastic.

We had to get a move on when we were leaving as it was getting a bit dusky as we hit the road back to the car!  Again, amazing boys hiking through woods, thick trees, ice, and 'quick moss' (Kincaid's term).

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Anonymous said...

Geocaching was so much fun and a great was to get out and enjoy the good weather.

Your mom

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