Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 It is so warm here.  The snow is melting and I think it got to about 40 today.  Craziness.  Total insanity to not have any snow on the ground.  The picture above is Duke at Forest School.  We talked a lot about beavers and did some examining of the ice.  It still looked about 5 inches thick where Duke was walking.  We did talk about getting onto your stomach and seal scooting to shore if you are on ice and it cracks.  The ice underneath Duke wasn't even a foot deep so I wasn't super anxious.
Then the puppy love.  Pepper tries to nap, but the boys love her so much.  She is pretty good natured for the most the part.  Every now and then she will do this sort of nip if she gets super irritated, but it isn't even really a bite.  She might be funny looking, but she is a good pooch.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Great pictures as always! xoox tga

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