Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 We had forest school and Kincaid stayed home sick from school.  He just has a bad cold - they hit him ten times harder than they do Duke.  He did lots of reading in bed, listening to me read and some movie watching.  Fingers crossed for a move towards health for tomorrow!
 The kids spent a lot of time climbing on the trees at Forest School.  I had a lovely little project about Solstice planned, but they had other ideas.  We did many rounds of hide and seek and then lots of tree climbing and me 'rescuing' them.  Such fun!
This is from the other night.  Duke just crawled up on his lap - love this so much!


Anonymous said...

Hope Duke is feeling better - love your pictures as always. I know the kids will remember all the great times and trips to the woods. oxox tga

Anonymous said...

Totally missed this yesterday--my 5:30 AM run to the grocery store took its toll.

Your mom

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