Monday, December 29, 2014


I am trying to get back into blogging!

 We went to the art installation downtown by the Light Brigade.  It was pretty with the lights, but I don't think I understood it very well.  Alas, we had fun. 
I went out for a ski and Kory and Nam surprised me halfway.  We had to stop for a selfie.  Kory has now gone back to Oregon (sniff, sniff).  I love having her here so much!  Thankfully she will be back in about three weeks! 

Ah, I found some pictures that Kory sent me from Christmas Eve!

 Me holding the two sick boys.  Well, just one boy was sick here and the next one sick about 5 hours later.
 They were quite happy with the Machetes from my cousin.  Thankfully, he did file them down so they are not sharp.
 Pepper had the best time with her brother!  She is the one on top and Teddy is on the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures - they are the next best thing to being there! oxox tga

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great times. Thanks for preserving them for us!

Your mom

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