Monday, December 1, 2014


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house with lots of food and fun with relatives.  This picture is of the boys before people arrived.  They were playing Kory's pad (she has better games than I do!).  We had such a great time with Kory.  It was a treat that she didn't have to work everyday so we had more time with her!

The boys decided at the last minute that they would go to the Christmas Tree lighting downtown.  They overheard a news report that mentioned free cookies...  We zipped down there and Bop dropped us off so we wouldn't be late.  We went to the far edge and saw the top of the tree being lit. 

The bonus was that we were first in line to get our picture taken with Santa's reindeer.  The boys decided it was Cupid as it was quite nice.  I snapped it quick so we could go find Bop.  He never found a spot and just drove around until we were done.  Such a great Bopper!

 We also got SNOW!  It is lovely.  We have been playing and playing outside.  The boys' favorite game is for me to pull the sled and they fall out and then hop back in and help each other.  They laugh and have so much fun.  I get a good workout in as an added bonus!
Bop also completed his new project!  We now have a pair of bull moose in our yard.  The tinsel garland is a new added adornment.  So cool.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are a wonderful reminder of how good life is.

Your mom

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