Friday, January 23, 2015


 Duke and I both had a hankering for an adventure.  He chose cross country skiing.  I selected the location poorly as it was all up and down hills.  Tough for me going up - I goose stepped it with him between my legs holding my poles and FUN going down.  It was just like downhill skiing.  He soon tired of it and we changed to hiking.
 It was a little chilly, but we adventured for well over an hour.
 He found some birds.
 He found a tree to climb.
Kincaid played outside for a bit after school.  He made Pepper some stick and snow pizza.  They both had a fantastic time.  We are slated for a dump of snow and I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

What a great adventure! You and Duke get an award for adventuring in the cold weather. It does look like you had a wonderful time.

Your mom

mfoote said...

Great pictures as always - xoxo to all!

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