Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Review

 This is from our Friday group.  I love being at this spot when the sun just pokes above the horizon. 
 A group of friends decided to have an impromptu winter picnic along Powerline Pass.  It was about 23 degrees (an inversion as it was 18 at our house) and we stayed for about 4 hours and went over 4 miles in total.  The children snow surfed (Kincaid's term) most of the way.  He had really good balance!
 We choose a spot that had good trees for the kids to climb.  Duke found a nice perch to eat his brownies.

 We got many great looks from people skiing by on the trail.  We were up a bit on a little ledge and offered coffee, but no one took us up on the offer.
 It was just an amazingly gorgeous day with the mountains shining across the inlet.
 Sunday had lots of lego action.
Then, we went out before dinner even though it was 8 degrees.  The kids had to expend some energy!

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mfoote said...

Great pictures of a day well spent!! I always look forward to them. Thanks!!

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