Friday, February 27, 2015


 I let Duke decide on our outing today and he finally settled on beach combing at Point Woronzof.  It was amazing down there with the wall of ice.  We climbed onto the them, walked over them, walked through the crevasses and slid down them. 
 There also were great big bergs washed up on top of the ice wall.
 We were in a fog patch most of the adventure, but as we left the sun broke though.  We also had to take a different path back as the tide was coming in and we couldn't tell which bergs were on land and those on water. 
 The fog did leave beautiful ice feathers on the branches!
 We found some sea glass and then headed back to the car. 
Just a beautiful day! 


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures and what a wonderful adventure! Living in Alaska is the best.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! beautiful boy :)

--Wendy (in SLC)

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