Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Review

 We tried to find a night geocache.  The boys were a little scared of Yeti Monsters, even though we saw no signs.  We got to a dead end and couldn't find the next marker.  They are little reflective dots that just glow in the light of a headlamp.  The kids were troopers though!
 We went back the next morning, determined to find the end point.  The kids wore their backpacks (thanks Lu!) filled with survival items.  Alas, we were skunked again.  The kids weren't as scared in the light.

It was so beautiful back in the woods and I could have stayed hours just hiking around, but the kids got a bit chilly so we headed back.  They loved going down this hill!  Kincaid is belly boganing.

This first picture is the boys before skating practice.  Kincaid is getting really good, but Duke just gets so frustrated that he can't keep up with his brother.  Then, Pepper was excited during the Puppy Bowl, but when the real game started she decided to sack out.  Good times at the Keller House!


Anonymous said...

Good times, indeed!

Your mom

PS Even the night picture turned out great.

mfoote said...

What lucky guys to have such an awesome mom! I am sure what you teach them now will be lessons for life - hugs to all!

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