Friday, March 27, 2015

Science Fair Phenom

 I had the most amazing evening watching my uber confident boy explain his science fair project.  He worked hard to study, create the words, make models and draw images.  I did my best not to interfere.  He stood proudly by his poster and explained (read each part) to everyone that came by and answered questions without faltering.  It was utterly amazing.  He was so excited for the judges to come by and he talked about his project and they gushed to me about my 'budding naturalist', 'scientist in training' and how he was ahead of their fourth graders in science.  Proud mama moment for sure.  When they were giving out the awards, he crossed his fingers and was disappointed when he didn't get one of the three, but then a teacher gave him a participation award and he was over the moon.  That judge said he should have gotten second place.  : ) 


Anonymous said...

He is an amazing kid.

Anonymous said...

He made us all proud!

Your mom

mfoote said...

Wow! I am impressed! Good for him!! tga

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