Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Review

 Two pictures from the annual ski train to Curry, AK.  It was blue bird skies and super cold.  We had a lovely time skiing in the trees, eating too much food and doing the Polka on a moving train!  I took the picture below while on the train.  Lucky shot for sure!

 The family also went bowling.  The boys are still sick, but there was a day when they felt good enough to leave the house.  We had a great time and learned that Bop is a bowling ringer!  We had a lot of fun!

And finally - the boys are hooked on Harry Potter.  We are about 1/2 through the first book.  They watched the movies and are LOVING the books.  I am loving them too as I haven't read them or seen the movies. 

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mfoote said...

What a wonderful life! Love the family pictures! The Denali picture is breathtaking - have a super day! tga

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