Monday, March 23, 2015


 Two pictures from our Friday group.  A friend brought these little clip on birds- Duke loves his.  He says it is a robin though and can't be convinced otherwise.

 I was nearly over this cold crud so I hiked up Bird Ridge.  I haven't ever been up to the top and it was really gorgeous.  Blue skies and warm, but muddy on the way down.  Unfortunately, I didn't walk the germs out of my body and spent Sunday a bit overridden with it. 
I loved the way the mud flats looked from up there - almost like veins. 

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mfoote said...

Great pictures - sure hope you are feeling better. Things are busy on Catalina Island - Klondyke Klash Golf Tournament wrapped up for the year. Lots of work - but fun, too. Couldn't do it without Don.
xoxo tga

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