Friday, April 10, 2015


 We finally got around to dyeing Easter Eggs tonight.  The boys had a great time and I highly recommend the Neon coloring sets with 2 pellets of each color per cup.  They made some amazing colors.  Last year, the boys did a few and lost interest, but they did every single egg tonight.  They experimented with two color eggs and soon moved into every color eggs. 
 Duke and I also biked to the Tudor Bridge today.  I think that is about 3 miles round trip.  He did a great job!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a dyed egg for egg salad sandwiches. That's what I plan to have for lunch today. Also, I'm very proud of Duke's biking ability. (I'm going to have to get a tag-a-long for him to pull me when I'm older.)

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Better late than never.


mfoote said...

Love this hot hot hot bright eggs!! Lovely!

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