Friday, April 24, 2015


 Duke and I went biking in the morning to the lake, but no geese.  We did find many damselfly nymphs and one was carrying another one.  Duke loved realizing that they were 'canabalistic'.  We also saw a wormish, leach creature.  We are bringing our buckets next time to really find some cool things!  Then, we took Pepper out for a romp in the woods.  Duke finally let me take him to the night cache with the skeleton.  He thought it was a bit creepy, but the best part is when you open the actual cache there is a light sensing manically laughing cat.  He loved that.

 Then, just a shot of the boys playing.  Here, Kincaid is reading his invisible journal to spiderman about the enemy they are going to fight.  It said we needed special goggles so Duke is putting his on smartly. 


Anonymous said...

What a great Thursday you had!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Such an active day.

mfoote said...

Looks like Life in Alaska is great. What lucky kids to have such a good Mom to take the boys so many places and learning so much - xoox tga

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