Monday, May 4, 2015


I took Pepper on a hike this weekend and found she is a pretty good hiker (not car rider as she tossed her cookies right as we got there...).  We hiked at Falls Creek and it was really pretty and warm, until we got up to the valley.  The wind was blowing super hard and I kept punching through the snow.  I really wanted to get up to the lake, but got rather miserable so I turned around and headed back.

 You can see my hair blowing, but super pretty scenery!   I kept Pepper on the leash and I loved that she would stop and sniff.  I would ask her what it was and in a little time people would come up the trail.  She was a good warning system.  I was a little wary of bears and had my spray, but become pretty confident that she would let me know if something was around! 

On Sunday, I watched Nam in the Bike for Women.  She is amazing!!!  She looked much better than most of the women as they crested the hill at the end. Go, Nam, Go!


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty. So glad mom did the biking.


Anonymous said...

The only reason I could even crest the hill is because you were there yelling for me. Thanks so much!


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