Thursday, July 9, 2015


 Just two pictures from our highly exciting day.  It started at the library.  We moved upstairs to the adult mysterious creatures section.  There were more pictures than I thought there would be!
Then, a friend came over to teach me how to make Kombucha.  It all starts with that "thing" called a Scoby - Symbiotic culture of bacteria and Yeast that makes a fermented and fizzy beverage.  You let it sit in a tea / sugar mixture for a week, bottle it with flavorings and let that sit for a couple of days.  Then, it is magically tasty!  Apparently, it is a similar process to sourdough.  I will let you know the verdict in a bit. 


Anonymous said...

The scoby doesn't look very promising.


Anonymous said...

The boys look so engaged. I love that they love to read.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Good Morning - may the day be filled with laughter! tga Love the picture of the boys!

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