Friday, August 14, 2015

A Hike

 I took a hike up to O'Malley Peak.   I didn't got to the ridge, but it was super windy.  It was beautiful below so I just came down.  Along the way there were about a million ground squirrels.  I was the first one to the ballpark (this part of the hike) in the morning so they were just running around happily.
 I also spied a ptarmigan cooing.  I nearly stepped on it - silly bird.
 After I got down from the ridge, I saw that I could easily get down to the lake I always stop by for lunch.  I took of m shoes and cooled off my feet!  It was glorious.  There wasn't a soul around and I stayed for quite some time!
 The water is an amazing green color (though I think it is called Black Lake...).  There wasn't a weed, bug or creature in it.  I really wanted to hop in for a dip, but it was COLD on the feet and didn't think it would be as good of an idea in reality. 


Anonymous said...

Fine hike.


Anonymous said...

Heavenly!! tga

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