Thursday, August 20, 2015

No Tears!

After getting up at about 4:45 saying he wanted to talk about his first day of school as he might get homesick, he had a wonderful day!  (I did tell him to go back to sleep and we would talk about it in the morning).  He didn't go back to sleep and obviously fell asleep quite quickly tonight. 

He didn't cry when he went into the building!  I hope it continues and he stays strong!  Duke had his kindergarten assessment and was wonderful.  He loved being tested and challenged!  I can't wait to see what will happen with that kid.

Kincaid selected this spot for his picture (by the plant...).  He also chose his clothing for the first day - his Salmonzilla Shirt and black pants.  

We ended the day with an Orienteering Meet.  Though the boys were tired, they did a great job!


Anonymous said...

It was so-o fun!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and tale of first day of school It isn't always easy but gets better. xoxo tga

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