Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 I let Duke choose our adventures for the day.  First, we played soccer, battleship and uno.  We went for lunch at Arigato and then a bike ride to the Tudor Bridge with a stop to make leaf boats on the way home.  Good times!  He also found out that his Kindergarten teacher is the one that Kin had - he is super excited! 

 Here is Kincaid.  He wanted me to take his picture before school this morning.  I also took him fishing after school.  There were tons of fish and he caught this little smelt (baby salmon).  We released him unharmed.    There were also three Salmon that kept swimming around.  Thankfully, they really didn't want Kincaid's maggot. 

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Anonymous said...

What lucky boys to have you for a mom!

Your mom

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