Monday, September 28, 2015

My weekend

 After school on Friday, Duke and I had some more fun in the fall. He is really enjoying this time of year. 
 We did a race in the evening and the boys were spectacular.  Duke was amazing and Kincaid left Nam in the dust and waited for her at the finish line.
 Speedy boys!
 I took a hike and it was dreary weather, but awfully pretty!
 We climbed up towards Rainbow, but the peak was totally clouded over and we turned around when it started heavily misting. 
As soon as we got back to the car, it started to pour!  Great timing!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - always look forward to seeing the Alaska happenings. Miss you all for sure. Trees are all turning beautiful colors. We have ben packing the truck all day hoping to head south Thursday and be there late Friday. Jimmy Foote is going with us but will ship him back to Anchorage after 2 weeks. Hugs and love to all - tga

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful weekend. I just made my Nov reservations.


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