Thursday, September 10, 2015


Blogger wouldn't let me post a video for Throwback Thursday.  Instead, you have two pictures from a bit back.

Both boys are sick (colds).  As usual, Kin is hit harder than Duke.  Kin had a day of tossing his cookies (Duke never did) and now both are just snotty and coughing.  I had to convince Kin to go to school today he wanted 'to be cautious" so he didn't infect his friends.  I had a lengthy discussion about germs, washing hands and coughing into your arm.  He went and was fine thankfully (though I did keep my cell close in case he had to come home).  


Anonymous said...

I love both pictures. It does seem like yesterday!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Glad the cautious boy made it through the day.


Anonymous said...

Those guys are so darn cute - hope they are both feeling better today!!! tga

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