Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Riders

 We went to the Museum on Saturday to see the Van Gogh exhibit.  The boys ran through it - nearly.  There were screens with moving images and such that the boys weren't very excited about.  They did sketch for the entire time that Nam and Bop took in the show.  They loved the easles and penciles.
 We had to stop in the Imaginarium for some bubble work.
 Saturday we took the Kitty Kat for its first run of the season.  Thanks to a highly ingenious father, the snowmachine started with good gas flow (neither of us could light a match for a while...)
 Kincaid and Duke both can drive it rather well.  Duke is a little crazy and Kincaid found he liked to do jumps.  Thank goodness that doesn't have a bigger engine...
They also had skating class over the weekend - they really enjoy it and are getting good at skating.  They do come back super sweaty though...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures - looks ilk lots of fun. tga

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