Monday, December 21, 2015


 We visited the gingerbread village downtown at the Captain Cook hotel.  Tradition!
 The boys decided to pretend they were opening gifts for their picture. 
 We headed out to my uncle's house for the traditional tree chopping.  We usually snowmaching down the river, but decided the open water might make it a bit chilly.  We did find a great one along his driveway though!
 We walked down to the river though! 
Here they are on the back of the 4 wheeler which went quite slow and safe.  They both took rides with my cousin on his new sled and said they 'caught air' a few times...

 The boys are enjoying a gift I bought for myself.  I have wanted a kick sled for many years and finally got one as friends all got them so we got a wholesale price.  Good deal!  It is so much fun.  I now need Pepper to pull me so I can MUSH!
We headed out for some night geocaching!  It was rather cold, but fun! 

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Anonymous said...

BRRRRR! Looks really cold - BUT fun!! tga

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