Monday, January 11, 2016

weekend review

 We started the weekend off with some ice fishing.  We mainly caught little ones and had to keep one as he swallowed the hook.  The boys spent most of the time belly down on the ice watching the fish in the hole.
 It was a nice day and we had a really good time.
I brought the kick sled and Bop is taking a spin in this picture.
 Duke is happy about the catch.  Kincaid had a sad moment when the fish wasn't quite dead.  He recovered and immediatly grabbed his sketch pad when we got home to draw the fish.
 The fish and we did a quick fish print before the frying. 
 A little skateless hockey.
And then Sunday dinner of frog legs.  Yes, frog legs.  My cousin's husband gave the boys a bag of frozen frog legs for Christmas.  Duke LOVED them, devoured them.  He said they were the best thing ever.  Odd boy - doesn't like cheese, loves oysters and frog legs, but hates yogurt and apple sauce. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures that tell great stories.

Your mom

Coleens Recipes said...

Duke doesn't look too convinced in that dinner photo ha ha

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