Monday, February 8, 2016

weekend with the boys

The boys had their 100th day of school on Friday.  They were tasked with dressing up as a 100 year old.  I have some mixed feelings about this as I don't like the stereotype of the feeble person, but the kids have fun hobbling around.  They were impressed that their great bop will be 100 next year though.  I bought silver hairspray (next time get White...) and they wore plaid shirts (rather like Bops...).  Both kids refused the grey mustaches, even for a picture. 

 We also did the Stud Run (Stud - icy lake and you needed studs).  We ran as part of the elementary school team (which was us, another family and Kincaid's teacher!) and the boys liked that.  I started off running with Kincaid, but about 1/2 way he said he sort of wanted to 'run his own race' (in a very nice trying not to hurt my feelings sort of way) so I let him go with directions of where to meet me.  I ran back to Nam and Duke to finish off the race.  They are growing up dang it...
Lastly, Duke has taken to safety planning.  Neither boy woke up during the last earthquake, but it seems to have struck a cord with Duke.  I am a super crazy planner about such things as well (might harken to my love for disaster movies...) so I don't mind going through his ideas.  We did have to go downstairs to get his bike helmet to hang on the wall above his pillow, which is where his flashlight is as well. 

Before the Super Bowl, we took Pepper out for some mushing.  She has much to learn, but I am happy to report there are no broken bones (though Kincaid and Duke, both took some good tumbles...)

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A prepper that boy.


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