Sunday, February 21, 2016


 We had parent teacher conferences (which were just 20 minutes of the teachers telling me how wonderful my kids are in school) and Kincaid's teacher showed us a picture that he took with an app to make him look 100 and Duke had a picture with his goal for the year (to help my family with chores and housework).  Nice.
 We went kick sledding at Flattop along Powerline Pass.  We had a really great time and it was so beautiful.
 There were some super fun downhills and then I did push / pull the kids up the last big hill.  It was a really good glute workout!

 I went to Potted Potter with some friends.  It was 80 minutes long and covered all the Harry Potter Books.  It was really funny!  My friend on the left is the golden snitch (she has wings), in the middle is Snape and I was just a Gryffindor Gal.
Crazy weather on Sunday - pouring rain, windy and then a blizzard.  The boys didn't mind as we played loads of board games, they had battles, were chased by Bop and did a lot of reading.


Anonymous said...

What fine kiddos you have.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and friends - xoxo tga

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