Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm Back!

 These pictures are in no order (it took so long to upload!)  Here is Duke chilling on the beach.
 We hiked to the Olivine Pools, but couldn't soak in them due to high surf.  The last week of our trip was windy and a high surf advisory.  It made wonderful wind surfing conditions in front of our house and they were really fun to watch.
 Kincaid taught himself to swim without a boat coat and snorkel.  I had nothing to do with it.

 This was before we left at the Iditarod ceremonial start.  Friends and I 'tailgated' and the kids loving getting high fives and booties.
 Duke loved the hermit crabs.  He would collect them and put them in a pool to see if they would change shells or fight. (neither happened).
 It was a little chilly so I wrapped up in my scarf for my breakfast on the lanai.
 Kincaid and the sunset.
 It was super fun having Bex around!
 We had many fun adventures with them!
 We watched a few movies in the evening (this was Return of the Jedi).
The boys all loved to 'float out to sea' on boogie boards!  Kory often helped them!  I took many more pictures, but this just gives a taste.  It was a wonderful time to be with family and get some much needed vitamin D!

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