Monday, June 6, 2016

Just some updates!

I know that I have been sorely neglecting the blog.  Life gets too exciting and fun to sit down and type! I will keep trying to post pictures from our adventures!

 Duke has been excited about climbing mountains this summer and our first one was Baldy in Eagle River.  He did a fantastic job, though his older brother did a bit of complaining…  In the picture, they are doing Tae Kwan Do sparing poses.
 We went on our annual camping trip to Kenai Lake with a large group of friends.  I only took about 3 pictures, but we had lots of fun as it didn't rain!
 I have been trying to get in some hikes while the boys are away and this one was to O'Malley peak mainly so I could check on the lake.  It turns the most amazing colors as the snow melts.
We have been playing a lot of chess on our down time.  The boys are both getting quite good - Kincaid beat me once and Duke is getting better about thinking his moves instead of just trying to move his horse all the time.  : )


Anonymous said...

A great idea of Duke's mountain climbing. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

How time is flying! Your boys are growing up oh so very fast! Love and hugs to all! Marnice

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