Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Babe (and I) survived the pediatrician appointment. He now weighs 8'11 and is 21 3/4. I knew he was a chow hound and this clinches it! He was plum (left over from yesterday's post) tuckered out and slept like a lamb most of the afternoon and evening.
The appointment was quite traumatic to me as well. I was so happy to see 3 (yes three) packages awaiting my returning. Babe got two books (Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are), I got a yarny package from kansas jackie (beautiful glacier colored yarn, a sheep tape measure that makes me laugh whenever I pull its little tail and a card from my knitting friends) and my older sister sent a frame with me and babe and husband and babe and the long awaited pictures in a fabulous scrapbook from our Hawaii trip. Those sure did lift my spirits and babe petted the yarn and agreed it was wonderfully smooshy and soft! Thank you package people!


Anonymous said...


Babe certainly looks like the snipping didn't disrupt his continuing chow down and sleep pattern. We have yet to see, however, if he will truly be heavy duty like his mom. In any case, he's "plum" adorable.


lanikeller said...

I heard the gory details of the snip from john last night. Maybe you *should* have just gone across the street for Starbucks!! (i kid, i kid)

Anonymous said...

Thought of both you and the babe yesterday - glad all went well. Nice to have such special people in your life - you get back what you give - xxo tga

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