Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Again, I am totally wiped out. It is a long and sorrid tale involving things that are better not discussed but include a diaper not holding tight (but me having an extra onesie) and me waiting and waiting. No more shall be said about it.

BUT, if you need a pick-me-up... rent or netflix Son of Rambow. It is about 2 unlikely friends that team up to make a movie about a boy (the little skinny chap) rescuing his father (Rambo). It has a happy ending, no one dies and will make you laugh. I love English humor...


Anonymous said...

Leaking diapers and long waits are just the start of mother hood - it does get better. I promise. Will check out Rambow - sounds like my kind of movie. tga

lanikeller said...

The movie sound hilarious! I will put it on our netflix!


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