Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The dogs have not been left out in the real world, but they have been a bit neglected in the blogosphere. I tend to make the joke that when people ask where the Babe is, I say, "sahale is watching him". She is quite the attentive baby sitter isn't she?
I uploaded the video to photobucket and can share it with you if you would like - I just have to email the link to you I think. I am still working on why I can't upload it to blogger - blogger doesn't like laughing babies for some reason.


lanikeller said...

i wish that beast had some good "watching" abilities. she is more of a sleeper. send me the photobucket link fo' sho!


Anonymous said...

Great babysitters are hard to find. Feed that one well so she sticks around.


Anonymous said...

The picture gives "watch dog" a whole new meaning. Hope today wasn't quite so hectic - xxo tga

Anonymous said...

She is a good guard dog.

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