Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've started trying to wear babe more often. He seems to dislike the sling at first, but then enjoys it. Babe's new "thing" is to grab onto my shirt while being "slung". He currently is sleeping soundly as a little Papoose Child.

I started knitting a new sock! Yes, I am still working on the scarf in the softest ever wool, but is going to be 90 today and scarfs seemed ludicrous. I completed the sock's toe and now need a pattern for the rest of it. I am doing one at a time for a bit of change. I thought it would be easier to stop and start again if only one at a time. I scoured patterns last night and didn't find one that struck my fancy. I am using Panda Silk - it is so soft and shimmery. So, I am off to the sock pattern muse called Ravelry!


Anonymous said...

It's a guy thing (with the sling) they just want to be in charge - or at least think they are. Good luck in your search for a sock pattern tga

Anonymous said...

I am really starting to like the 2 at a time sock method. It is growing on me. Babe looks good and comfy. I had a dream I was carrying him around a mall (that we had to helicopter in to, of course) and he was so cute and sleeping soundly then started frantic hand chewing and was not amused that I couldn't nurse him.

Anonymous said...


I wish I could look that comfortable.


BreeAnn said...

90??? I'm jealous! Ok... maybe not, 90 is a little too hot for me :P Good luck finding your sock pattern

lanikeller said...

i heart the little shirt-grabber!


Anonymous said...

Getting jam to you might be a problem - I think will have to send some . . .. dad

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