Friday, September 19, 2008

**click here to maybe see the video of babe laughing,

I was so excited to use a gift certificate for some new knitting books. I pre-ordered them so I could relish the waiting and anticipation. I am sorely disappointed to say the least. The first is the new book by Classic Elite. I love their yarn and have enjoyed their patterns in the past, but not one pattern even whispered, "Please knit me." Alas.

Then, the new Mason Dixon book arrived to save my day from total disappointment. No such luck. The first book had tons of interesting and amusing patterns. This one pattern I want to knit and it is for a little finger over mitt thing. Alas times two. I vow to not ever buy a knitting book without first investigating the patterns. Never ever.

SO, if you peruse either of these books and would like them, give me a shout. They are up for a good home as this one has nothing to offer them except a place at the back of my knitting bookshelf...


Anonymous said...

Tried to log on to the movies but no luck as had to have your password - dang!! I hate it when that happens! Just like the knitting books. I will try again to sign up and log in - will keep you posted. tga

BreeAnn said...

Lia, will you send me an email? I would email you directly except I cannot find your email address this morning. Mine is


Lara said...

So sad that you didn't like your books! I've loved what I've seen of the Mason-Dixon one.

Super cute baby! I just want to blow raspberries on his cheeks.

Knappy Knits said...

The Twist lending library would love to have the Mason-Dixon one.

Anonymous said...

What a cute Huckster, and I got my first e-mail from him this morn. Did he sneak away from you to send it?

Sorry the boots don't call out to you. I hate that!


Lanora said...

Wouldn't you know I have both of these books on order!

Anonymous said...


Yikes! I missed the last half of your blog Friday (because I was running around like the chicken I used to have). Anyway, I almost bought you the new Mason-Dixon book and then veered away at the last minutes . . . thank goodness!


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