Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deer Cupckes and Boppy Monsters

Weird Wednesday!!

I saw this picture on someone's blog and it amused me greatly. I just love the little deer cupcakes. It made me think that they got stuck in them and I can just imagine them trying to run away, but they are baked in (with no harm to themselves in away).
I found that Babe enjoys sleeping in the Boppy Pillow. Yes, the tag says to not let babies sleep in them. Yes, I usually do follow instructions. Yes, I like it when the baby sleeps and will break rules to keep him sleeping. Don't worry, I will watch him closely to make sure the Boppy doesn't come to life and swallow him whole.
The little sister said he is getting bigger and I can vouch for it (as long as we have a voucher!). His newborn clothes are just a twitch snug lengthwise. I am glad that he is growing that way (not just getting chubbier). Do you think he is getting bigger??


Anonymous said...


Anyone who looks that cute sleeping anywhere, should definitely sleep there.


PS He's much cuter than the deer.

Anonymous said...

It always makes me happy to see pictures of the Babe - he is so special. tga

Anonymous said...

He looks very cute and comfy, but I must disagree with the "I usually follow directions" comment . . . I seem to recall that you rarely follow directions. I say let babe sleep on the boppy.


lanikeller said...

Tell us which knitting project won the vote from yesterday!


BreeAnn said...

Kate loved to sleep in her boppy pillow too. :) I definetly think he's getting bigger, just from a week ago!

As for the deer cupcakes, it makes me wonder... are there whole deer baked in? Or just deer heads? Hmmmmm :P

Lara said...

My younger two kids slept in the Boppy, too. My boy would rarely sleep if he wasn't being held, and the Boppy tricked him into thinking he was in someone's arms. A lifesaver!

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