Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vote on the Project!?!

If you had to knit one of these, and you were me, which one would you knit? I am having difficulty deciding between all of the sweaters in Custom Knits and I think these are my top five favorites.

1. Tang: I would steek it into a cardigan with a different neck.
2. Vest: I would make it longer so it covers my belly.
3. Jewel: Plain and simple.
4. Jane: I might try and figure out how to make it actually close in the front.
5. Tank: just simple and nice.

Give me your vote and we will see which one wins!!!


Anonymous said...

I vote for #3. tga

Anonymous said...

Jewel or Jane are my votes. Enjoyed Skyping with the Hucker yesterday. Thanks for waking him up for me!

lanikeller said...

Jewel an then Tank!


Anonymous said...

Not the middle one on te top - yuck! Dad

BreeAnn said...

I like the tank a lot, very classic and would go with lots, and I also really like the Jewel one, very cute.

Knappy Knits said...

I like #3 jewel.

Lanora said...

Jewel is so very YOU!

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