Monday, September 8, 2008

Lia's tips for Flying Happily with a Newborn:
1. Fly during the day: crying babies aren't as noticeable when people aren't trying to sleep.
2. Bulkhead is nice for a bit of extra room and the window gives you a bit more privacy for nursing.
3. Bring a pashmina type scarf - they are great for covering up a babe and are the best way to cover up for nursing! (they are amazing nursing coverups)
4. Fanny Packs: stick in a few diapers, some wipes, a pacifier, wipe rag and anything else you might need during the flight. It will be easily accessible. I so am doing this next time.
5. Grab a pillow and blanket when you get on the plane to prop up your arm during nursing. You can also lay the babe on them across your lap for a bit of hands-free time.
6. Have a sense of humor and realize that babies cry, some people aren't nice and the baby probably will fill a diaper just as the plane leaves the ground. Also, there are many super nice and helpful people that love babies and will help you!


Anonymous said...

Love this mornings pictures- Lani and Babe and smiling Babe - just made my day. Thanks for doing such a great job on your blog. tga

Anonymous said...

Noooo . . . do NOT advocate fanny packs under any circumstances. Use them if you must, but do NOT advocate them! I must skype with babe soon, will he be available this evening?

BreeAnn said...

lol I have to agree on the advocating of fanny packs. haha, I love this picture of Huck, so cute!

lanikeller said...

That is officially a smile in that pic. People keep trying to tell me that babies don't smile for 4 mo. Whatever!

Sally said...

It sounds like you two are experienced travellers now. Maybe you'll take a trip to Oz?

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