Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Over the weekend, I visited my good friend who has 3 week old twins. She usually lives in Alaska, but is here until after Christmas. I brought them some little knitted socks and taggie blankets. Whenever little Buddha is a handful, I just think about having 2 handfuls. Then you have no more hands!

They invited us to their son's 2nd birthday party this weekend (yes, newborn twins and an almost 2 year old! - talk about no hands). He loves to touch the satin edging on blankets so I made him a little taggie blanket of his own. It has a moose flannel, fake suede, little ribbons and then satin pockets that are perfect for little fingers.

I haven't sewed in a while and forgot how much I enjoy it, yet am rather skill-less at it. I make things that must be used and not examined too closely. I have never understood the quilt show quilts that take years to make and have to be handled with white gloves (yes, I saw this at a quilt show). Use it or lose it is my motto with most things.


Anonymous said...

What a great friend you are - I know the kids all three of them loved the gifts. I love the material - your blog is such a great gift all - tga

Anonymous said...

I love the rugged boy fabrics contrasting with the soft satin tags. I haven't seen Huck in far too long how does his social schedule look for the next few days? Any evening he could spare a 1/2 hour for Skyping?

lanikeller said...

That blanket is awfully cute. Two reminders for you (since you still have one hand available):

1. tix to AK
2. running babes video

Anonymous said...

You are your mother's daughter! I love Ethan's tag blanket (and the Alaska theme) and the use it or lose it idea. I can't imagine not using the great quilts you've made me. In fact this week while I've felt cruddy, cuddling up with one of your quilts has made my life better.


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