Friday, October 3, 2008

Am I crazy? I just found this tri - the swim is in the lake where I walk the dogs. Before I got pregnant, I said I wanted to a half ironman in a year. I gave myself a bit more due to little Buddha. Is this realistic? Can babe help me get back in shape? First of all, I need a good "athletic supporter" as my old ones aren't, um, adequate. I have running and biking routes, but I do need a pool as the lake is a bit chilly now and for a while. Again I ask, am I out of my mind?


Anonymous said...

If anyone can do it YOU can!!! Go for it - tga

Anonymous said...

Very cool! You can certainly do it . . . and I will come and help you and babysit Huck. We will cheer you on.

Do you want to do any Oly with my first in July?


lanikeller said...

I second that I will come babysit Hucker and cheer you on!

You aren't crazy, we all know that the lake has healing powers!


Anonymous said...

I'm a good sitter, and have several old athletic supporters . . . . dad

Anonymous said...

Go for it. You're a tough cookie!


PS Your Dad's athletic supporters are mighty old.

Anonymous said...

Where's my Monday blog . . . can't start my week without it!

Stephanie said...

Go for it! I ran the Chicago marathon when Hayden was 9 months old, and training for it was a great way to get back in shape and lose the *cough cough* 50 pounds I gained when I was pregnant.

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