Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yesterday, I told my supervisor that I wouldn't be returning to work. It was a difficult decision as everyone I work with is wonderful. I love the organization too, but the little babe rearranged my priorities (and we will rearrange the budget). I just couldn't imagine leaving him at a day care center and missing all the little smiles and not being there to soothe his cries. So, I shall join the ranks of the stay-at-home moms. It feels right, but a bit scary too.
I am looking at online teaching or something else I can do between feedings and play times. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

He looks very thoughtful about your dilemna. I will think on it. For now I would just sleep and knit between feedings. There will be plenty of time, when he is a bit older and sleeping for more than an hour to find $$$.

Anonymous said...

Huck has that I have her wrapped around my little finger look!! I think it is a good move - staying home with the little guy. You can't buy that time back - tga

J. Denae said...

How exciting (and scary) to have made this decision... and also what a relief! When the right thing comes along - teaching, part time counseling, whatever - you'll be ready for it!

twist said...

Work idea #1:
Knit shop samples for your favorite LDYS (Long-Distance Yarn Shop.)

lanikeller said...

You could start selling on etsy?
You could become a professional skyper and teach knitting over skype!

ha ha!

I think that it is a fabulous decision. Huck needs you and we need him to be available for skyping at all times!


Anonymous said...

Write a book on the psychology involved in the stay at home decision as every mother labors over the decision - and include ways to modify a budget to allow that???? dad

Lara said...

I've been looking for ways to make a bit of money here and there for 8 years. (This month, it's 8 years since I quit my job to stay home with the kids. There have been intervals where I took jobs, but none long-term, mostly temp or freelance.) Mostly we just squeak the budget.

Some days I dream of being an orthodontist or something else that brings in a lot of money, but mostly I'm just glad we can make this work, no matter how tough it is sometimes.

Mark said...
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